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Specialist engine tuning and builds

Race Developments can tune your engine to suit both budget and usage. Whether you just want an exhaust system and Power Commander for your road bike or another 30bhp out of your GSXR1000, we can help.

Most engine work will start off with gasflowing the cylinder head on the flowbench - check out our Cylinder Head Work section for an overview of what can be done.

We use the very latest computerised Superflow flowbench to improve the breathing capability of the cylinder head. Once this has been done, re-profiled or billet cams can be added. This improves the power much further and really takes advantage of the cylinder head work.
Before any machining work is under taken, all clearances are checked such as squish, valve to piston, etc.
Once the values are known a calculation is then made to increase the compression ratio to suit both the desired package and reliability.

Power gains are always substantially increased from these modifications, but as always vary in range depending on the type of engine and requirements from the customer.
In addition to improving the top end, we can also blueprint the bottom end. This task removes production line manufacturing tolerances and ensures the engine is built to race specification without any looseness or tight spots. Crankshaft, conrods and pistons can be lightened and balanced and these modifications will further allow the engine to realise its full potential.

We can offer lots of different tuning package options with 2 of our options listed below.
As with any tuning improvements they all require the use of a full racing exhaust system and engine fuel mapping from such products as Dynojets Power Commander or Dynojet carburetor kit.
If you budget is much higher then you can take advantage of many other products also available also, such as MoTec's engine management systems which we can also install and set-up.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.